Saint-Romain 2018, Thierry & Pascale Matrot

Over Easter I had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Burgundy. After attending the Easter service at Église Saint-Nicolas de Meursault we crossed the road to have lunch at Le Chevreuil. Since the restaurant is owned by Eleonore Matrot and her husband I thought it would be good to try one of their wines. This Saint-Romain blanc had a medium yellow colour, an oxidative nose, caramel, pineapple and matchbox notes. Flavours of white asparagus, candied pineapple and a touch of amontillado sherry. A short finish with a tickle of satsuma pith. When I ordered the wine memories of similar oxidized wines at been flashing before my eyes but I had hoped that a decade would have been sufficient time to correct course. Sadly not. This is a bizarre house style and not one I plan to revisit.    


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