Bourgogne Blanc "Les Forgets" 2018, Patrick Javillier

Cards on the table: I am a multi-decade fan of the Patrick Javillier style. Especially for the whites. There is always a sense of joy in the wines. Not to say pleasure. But amazingly, they also age really well. I have yet to find out what the secret recipe is. Bottom line: I have never been disappointed by their wines in 20 years. We're talking 300 different imbibations! This humble Bourgogne blanc continues the winning streak. Immediate fun on the nose: pineapple and quince. A waft of satsuma. Fresh and ripe on the palate - it captures the essence of 2018. Long and juicy with a touch of minerality. My tasting note: "Could easily confuse with a good Chassagne". Photo of Meursault in April 2022 where Domaine Javillier are based.


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