Mud House Pinot Noir 2016, Central Otago

Whether you are in Europe or America, travelling to central Otago in New Zealand’s South Island could be referred to as a long trek. It is definitely worth the trip as you will enjoy dramatic scenery, diverse cuisines and some exciting pinot noir wines as well as lesser grapes. Most of the really good Otagan wines are consumed by Kiwis and Aussies. Non-locals need to buy cases from specialist importers. This pinot from Mud House is a dark cherry colour (likely from the high UV in NZ). Nevertheless it is semi-transparent so it is a dark hue not overly dense. Interesting nose of cherry and red plum but not much more than that. Comes into its own on the palate with lovely fine fruit, red tree fruit, raspberry and strawberry. Pleasant wine to drink, good body and a slightly savoury finish. One can’t complain. Scores 70-74/100.


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