Meursault 1er Cru "Les Poruzots" 2004, Château de Puligny-Montrachet

The Imbiber's Guide HQ sits inside the boundary wall of the Château de Puligny so they definitely qualify as neighbours! I bought this bottle at a mini-tasting at the domaine in 2009 before it was bought from Credit Foncier by Etienne de Montille and other investors in 2012. Given the age of the wine I definitely had concerns about releasing the genie from the bottle. As it turned out, those concerns were misplaced. This premier cru Meursault from the classic 2004 vintage has a medium yellow, silvery colour. First nose of egg custard, cooked lemon. Evolves to orange, vanilla crème pâtissière. White honey, poached pear, chalk, egg white and finishes on white asparagus. Elegant and intriguing! The excellent 2004 acidity is still there but of course with no rough edges. This Meursault-Poruzots 2004 is medium to full bodied with a glorious rich texture. All elements are perfectly integrated. Still has superb ripe citrus fruit with a touch of cooked white asparagus. Dry finish with hints of white pepper and cinnamon. A great reward for the 14 year wait. Scores 88/100.  


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