Fixin 1er Cru “Clos de la Perrière” 2010, Domaine Joliet

This is one of the first Burgundy domaines I tasted at in 1993. It was a rainy, windswept early spring morning when we rang the bell and met the bearded wine-maker. Procured from Berry Brothers & Rudd this Fixin was not a great example of the marvellous 2010 vintage. First nose of slate, moss, hawthorn fruit, smells of forest and undergrowth. Very little fruit which plays second fiddle to the bizarrre bark bouquet. Given the strange aromas we opened a second bottle which was slightly better but very much in the same vein. A touch of cough sweet. Aggressive and bitter walnut. Imbibed this Fixin 1er Cru Monopole has raspberry, red cherry and crab apple flavours. There is a floury texture, it is bright, tangy and short. There is something seriously wrong with this wine. Possibly this is a fake (unlikely from BB&R) or the producer has made some significant errors in wine-making and possibly harvesting too early. Whatever the reason, having opened two bottles of this Fixin “Clos de la Perrière” 2010 there is something seriously wrong. Don’t buy this wine. Scores 5/100. 


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