Nuits Saint Georges "Les Chaillots" 2010, Michel Gros

The Gros family owns a large acreage in Burgundy and the Domaine Michel Gros is a branch of the family who I am less familiar with. I have no recollection of buying this bottle and may have procured it from the King's College pantry list courtesy of the infamous professor of anthropology Mitchell Sedgwick. This is the type of mature, ripe pinot that offers immediate pleasure on the nose. There is a thrill factor which releases a feeling of happiness. Floral, plummy, cherry, green apple, cooked orange, licorice. It's a pinot perfection! Good ripe, crunchy fruit on the palate, mature tannins, plum flavour. The fruit is flattening out but there is still a good punchy, ripe plum and black cherry flavour. All in all, very pleasing. Scores 79/100 which is top notch for a village wine.


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