Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru 2006, Vincent Prunier

During the 'Cambridge Bufties' trip to Burgundy in 2009 I purchased a mixed case from Vincent Prunier which produced mixed results. I have generally got a sense that the domaine produces 'what nature offers' each year as opposed to responding to the growing conditions, conducting vineyard work to encourage nature to do her best and adapting wine-making to always reach a good level of quality. Some white wines have tasted mean and lean. Happily this Puligny 2006 was not one of them. The maturity of the vintage shows in the glass with a medium yellow colour and a touch of apricot. Honeysuckle, saffron, vanilla, baked pear and apricot jam glaze indicate a plump and sweet vintage. The expected rich yellow fruit arrives in oodles on the palate in the form of apricots and honey flowing from the mid- to back-palate. A soupcon of oloroso sherry on the finish. Still decent acidity which has kept this wine alive for over a decade. A lovely mature Puligny which is easy to appreciate in many dimensions. Scores 71/100 reflecting the wine's characteristics, vintage and terroir quality.


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