Auxey-Duresses Vieilles Vignes 2009, Pascal Prunier-Bonheur

In warm, sunny years like 2009, vineyards in higher elevations and those with eastern or northern expositions offer fantastic value. Indeed, they can offer more fresh fruit flavours than more favoured vineyards where the chardonnay grapes gain too much sugar and become flabby. This 2009 Auxey-Duresses is a great example. Glorious almonds, melon, sugared pineapple, sultana, white honey. A full-bodied structure with ripe pear, baked apple, cooked orange. Very enjoyable. Only just starting to witness elements of sherry. Perfect companion for a sea bass, saffron and lemon soup. Another success from the Pascal Prunier-Bonheur stable. Scores 75/100 demonstrating how this village appellation wine punches above its weight. 


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