Meursault 1er Cru "Les Poruzots" 2004, Château de Puligny

My house in Puligny sits in the grounds of the Château de Puligny and I bought this bottle back in 2009 from the previous owners. Recently, the domaine has been acquired by a parvenu from Volnay! How awful... it's truly a tragedy. I would agree with everyone who reads this that cellaring a bottle of 2004 white Burgundy from one of the lesser Meursault premiers crus is not sensible. First world problem. This 2004 Meursault 1er Cru has a nose dominated by lemon with a halo of vanilla. There is cantaloupe, courgette, butter, meadow grass, hay. It develops towards cooked egg white, white cabbage and honeysuckle. A fascinating harvest festival of fruit, vegetables and protein! Reflecting the Meursault terroir this 2004 has a creamy texture and is perfectly integrated. Superb wine-making skills combined with the freshness of the 2004 vintage have resulted in a 13 year old wine which still has medium acidity, excellent balance, length, a scrape of chalk, and Cote d'Or limestone on the cheeks. Truly a fine wine with a good thick texture and fruit weight. When I popped the cork I feared I would be drinking a dessicated fossil but I discovered a fresh wonder. Scores 87/100.


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