Central Otago "Saddleback" Pinot Noir 2015, Peregrine Wines

After completing the legendary Milford Track through the rain drenched Fjordlands of New Zealand's South Island I felt that a good bottle of pinot was on the cards. I quite fancied the "Wet Jacket" given we had just walked through 200mm of rain in a day but the lodge had run out. This pinot from Peregrine Wines was a corker. Dark, semi-opaque cherry colour. Varied aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, star anise, purple basil. It is fruit dominated but with an enlivening sprinkling of peppery herbs. Medium tannins, plum and cherry fruit, good balance, ripe rhubarb acidity, touch of sourness and minerality on the finish. An excellent wine exhibiting impressive wine making skills. 


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