Central Otago "Devil's Staircase" Pinot Noir 2016, Rockburn

Most of the Central Otago wineries produce a lower priced pinot noir in a lighter style than the mid-range and to-end offerings. Typically these are produced from vines in less favoured locations and from younger vines (less than 10 years old). The "Devil's Staircase" is the Rockburn entry level pinot noir and it is a big success. Bright red/pinkish colour, very fragrant, high toned, cranberry, bright. Rhubarb. Crunchy berries. Lively, simple and zingy. Without the use of any new oak barrels this is a pure pinot with a pretty bouquet. I think this style exhibits the impact of the high levels of UV in Central Otago which result in ripe flavours of typically too-tangy fruits. 


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