Meursault "Clos du Domaine" 2007, Henri Darnat

I bought this wine at the domaine in July 2009 and found the wines very angular, linear and sharp.  You could say they had the shape of an isosceles triangle. This reflected the wine maker's vision that the wines should be made in 100% stainless steel. No oak at all. Hoping the sharp angles would round out I left the wines to mature. This Meursault 2007 has a pleasing, pure yellow colour which is reflective with no real age obvious on the rim. A nose of custard, buttered leeks, banana, Brazil nuts, lemon pith, preserved lemon and white honey. Rounded, nutty with good minerality on the finish. This is an interesting expression of pure Meursault without the influence of oak. Shows that butter and nuts are drawn from the terroir not just the oak barrels. Oak accentuates the natural characteristics. I met Henri Darnat at the Corney & Barrow Burgundy tasting and he told me that whilst sommeliers liked the "Meursault Inox" most diners did not. So now his Meursault is aged in new oak! I think this is a shame. For a 10 year old Meursault this has aged gracefully with no sign of premox. Scores 65/100.


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