Corton-Maréchaudes Grand Cru 2011, Chandon de Briailles

The Guide Hachette rates 2011 as 14/20 for quality with 2004 as 13/20 and 2007 as 12/20. Twenty-eleven is viewed this way due to the very early warm spring being followed by a dreary and damp summer which resulted in lots of problems in the vineyard. So how did this Corton grand cru fare? On this showing not so well. Medium thick plum colour which is opaque in the centre. Faint nose of raspberry. Cherry. Cedar. Licorice. The structure only offers a narrow plank of fruit. Medium high tangy acidity. Slightly green tannins reminiscent of the generally awful 2004 vintage. Just not enough organic matter and not approaching grand cru concentration. I realise that Cortons are backwards but in year six more can be expected. My only advice is to stick at the back of the cellar for five years. Scores 17-20/30 for a Corton grand cru.


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