Corton Grand Cru "Clos des Meix" 1996, Comte Senard

I remember tasting 1996s in 1998 and 1999. Most producers expected the vintage to be another 1989. Ripe, complex, intriguing but needing a decade or more of bottle age before the acidity melded with the rest of the ingredients. In reality, the wines didn't evolve and the acidity prevailed, especially in the whites. But perhaps cellaring these wines for 20 years was the best option. Because this 1996 Corton Grand Cru is fascinating on the nose with full on fox, goose and farmyard aromas. A fig note is followed by hints of oak and black pepper. Before moving on to côte de boeuf, leather, wild strawberry, red cherry and red currant in the palate. The tangy, uplifting acidity is still there. Finishes on an Amarone note. Lots of interest, fun and quality. Scores 27-29/30 for a Corton Grand Cru. 


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