Santenay "Cuvée S" 2012, David Moreau

The Santenay-based domaine of David Moreau was previously run by David's grandparents under the name Domaine de la Buissière and consists of just over 5 hectares. He took over about 6 years ago. This is the first bottle I have tasted from the domaine and I was mightily impressed by this special cuvée which comes from a one hectare plot mostly in the "Cornières" lieu dit planted with old vines which produce uber-concentrated millerandés grapes. The quality and concentration of the fruit is obvious from the dense, dark cherry colour. Prominent aromas of ripe blueberry and blackberry. A touch of vanilla from one third new oak casks. Bramble flavours on the palate but with a tangy under current. Slightly rustic tannins, comme il faut à Santenay, medium plus acidity. Violet flower finish. Very good. Scores 27/30 for a Santenay. Excellent!


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