Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru 2007, Bitouzet-Prieur

I sometimes find that producers in Meursault only make good white wine and those in Volnay only make (or indeed only want to make) good red wine. Not so at this domaine, which consistently produces delicious pinots and chardonnays.This 2007, a fresh and vibrant vintage, has aged gracefully. The nose is soft, the aromas come to you as if carried by a warm summer breeze that lifts baking and lemon meringue odors from the kitchen and transports them to you in an orchard of peach trees and nectarines. The 2007 vintage gives this a mineral edge on the palate, with flavours of orange, nectarine and clementine. Lovely ripe fruit texture, fresh, thick, gouleyant. Scores 26/30 for a Meursault 1er Cru and demonstrates the ageing potential of Bitouzet whites in fresh vintages. 


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