Finger Lakes Pinot Noir 2013, Lamoreaux Landing

The Finger Lakes wine region is about four hours drive from the New York City metropolis but few Manhattanites make the pilgrimage and one has to search high and low for upstate wines. Lond Island wines are easier to find. But there are amazing things happening in the Finger Lakes! This pinot noir from the well-established Lamoreaux Landing winery on the east side of Seneca Lake has a pale, transparent garnet red colour with an orange fox tail rim. Initial aromas of caramel, red currant jelly, ginger biscuits, cloves and sweet aniseed. Second nose: iron, baked pheasant blood. Flavours of baked berries, fudge and cooked orange. Soft yet with good acidity uplift and a good dose of alcohol at 13.2%. This is a fun and fascinating wine with its own personality. The question is how much variance there is year on year. That is the thrill you can get from a marginal pinot noir region like the Finger Lakes and its also the hazard. Worth noting that other Finger Lakes wineries are generally only selling the riper 2012 vintage. A vertical tasting is required! Scores 24/30 for a Finger Lakes.  


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