Pouilly-Loché "Les Mûres" 2012, Clos des Rocs d'Olivier Giroux

I often find there is great value in the Maconnais whites which benefit from the Mediterranean climate as well as some steep hillsides and higher altitude than the Côte d'Or. I hadn't previously tasted wine from the Clos des Rocs domaine owned by Olivier Giroux who it turns out is not Olivier Giroud the arsenal striker. This Pouilly-Loché has a touch of butter, its floral, makes me think of yellow roses, courgette flowers, apricot skin. The second nose evolves to leeks, cooked celery and white asparagus -- typical for Pouilly. On the palate this chardonnay is pleasantly fresh with red apples, a touch of candle wax, fresh apricot, orange, and orange pith, Dry finish and shows maturity but not over the hill. Has another year before the fruit will deteriorate. Scores 23/30 for a Pouilly. Enjoyable, typical, good fruit, well made, no flaws, yet no thrill factor. 


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