Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune "Clos Marc" 2014, Sylvain Langoureau

The name Sylvain Langoureau is one which seems to pop up in a lot of places. Amazingly I had never tried a wine from this domaine and captured a tasting note. So I procured this bottle from my trusted Manhattan wine merchant Flatiron Wines. Sadly this is not an enjoyable wine and it gave me flashbacks to tastings in Fixin of the notoriously bad 2004 vintage (1994 wasn't good either). Poured into the glass, this HCdB has the aspect of an anemic pinot from Riquewihr. The nose is of tomato, varied stalks, aniseed root, dried orange and scrapings of chalk. No surprise on the palate: twigs, moss, tart, tight, a narrow fruit profile that is thinner than linear. This HCdB is not badly made. It just smacks of grapes which were not ripe when harvested. Any thoughts readers on the 2014 vintage? Scores 8/30 for a Hautes-Côtes,


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