Bourgogne Blanc 2008, Leroy

This is a Maison Leroy production from the negociant business as opposed to Domaine Leroy, the wines produced from vineyards owned by the Leroy empire. A fair comment I feel if you imprint crowns on your labels and corks! Fairly slow to open, the primary aromas are of tangerine, pith, candle wax and Cox's Orange Pippin apple. Comes into its own on the palate, excellent structure, length, balance and personality. There is a concentration and seriousness on this Bourgogne blanc which impresses. Refreshingly saline and mineral on the finish, this wine is very drinkable and only now showing the first traces of sherry (manzanilla). Very impressive yet not as thrilling and luxurious as the Javillier Oligocene. Scores 27/30 for a Bourgogne blanc. Photo shows the domaine in Auxey with yours truly cycling past. 


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