Chambolle-Musigny "Les Veroilles" 2008, Bruno Clair

What to drink with a traditional English Christmas lunch of roast turkey, a spiced chestnut, bacon and sage stuffing, giblet gravy, peppery roast parsnips, roast Maris Piper potatoes and red cabbage cooked in red wine and cloves? A mature, softer pinot noir with a spicy bouquet seemed to be the answer, much more so than a mature white Burgundy which might work with the turkey but not with the dominant flavours of the meal. And so it was, in celebration of the birth of Christ we enjoyed a couple of bottles of this petite merveille from Chambolle. The 2008 vintage continues to impress me with its length, freshness, balanced texture and complex aromas. Yes, 2009 had more sunshine and has more impact but do you admire a ballerina for the diameter of her thighs? This Chambolle was graceful, fine and intriguing. Cassis and bright early autumn bramble aromas joined with a little oak spice, cinnamon, aniseed and cedar. Consistent with how it tasted in the late spring. Scores 25/30 for a Chambolle... yes it is still improving!       


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