Mâcon-Davayé 2014, Domaines des Valanges

Davayé is one of the Mâconnais villages which earned the right to append the village name to the regional name. It is situated 5km from the most famous village in the region: Fuissé. Over the years, the value of this more distinct appellation is that producers can charge more if the wines from a smaller set of vines show superior quality. This Mâcon-Davayé offers excellent value for money and is a tremendously tasty specimen. The initial nose of wheat and orange pith gives way to ripe clementine, red apple and a final note of green melon. The flavour profile is very much fruit dominated with an attractive combo of orange, ripe apple and lime juice which lends a tangy finish with a hint of salt. Medium to light bodied, this white Burgundy is enjoyable, fresh and youthful. Best drunk in the next 12 months it is a splendid offering from the Domaine des Vallanges and superb value for money at $14 a bottle. Scores 24/30 for a Mâcon-Villages.


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