Savigny-lès-Beaune "Godeaux" 2009, Seguin-Manuel

We were left waiting for this wine for quite some time and unfortunately I had to suffer the non-sensical comments of my co-tasters. Thankfully the waiting turned out to be more worthwhile than the play of the same name would indicate. This 2009 Savigny is produced from 50 year old vines. Although closed on the nose it is ripe and sweet on the palate. Good, honest, traditional and perhaps a tad rustic in style. Overall, we felt that the Seguin-Manuel domaine is on the right trajectory towards modern wine-making standards and organic farming methods. But most likely will need another few years to get the benefits from the systematic improvals that Thibaut Marion has introduced simply because soil and vines need time to recover from chemical treatments of the past. Scores 21/30 for a Savigny. 


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