Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru "Les Champs Gain" 2011, François Carillon

Fourth wine presented in a blind tasting in Puligny... all wines being from Burgundy of course! This Puligny starts on a medium to light yellow colour. There is a touch of spritz in the wine. Surprising. The first nose is flat and confusing with menthol and lanolin aromas. It evolves to white peach but is largely quiet. This Puligny shows significant class on the palate: it is balanced, delicate, has some attractive flesh of white peach and pear. Ends of a mineral and gently peppery/arugula note. A confusing profile overall for the blind-tasters... perhaps the wine is in the quiet phase of its evolution. Photo shows one of the world's top Burgundy tasters, Arnaud Le Roux. Scores 21/30 for a Puligny 1er Cru. 


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