Pommard 1er Cru "Les Cras" 2008, Moissenet-Bonnard

At present Jean-Louis is the president of the Pommard viticultural association and has had to go into overdrive to get permission to protect the Pommard vignobles from the appalling effects of hail storms which have ravaged the area in the last 4 years. Through his efforts the vignerons have been permitted to fit "filets" on an experimental basis to protect the vines. This is the first wine in a blind-tasting... a plum, medium red colour indicates some age but not a lot. No brick rim or foxiness. The first nose is on leather and dried brambles. Subsequently the fruit emerges and is predominantly strawberry and black currant. Oak notes pop up from time to time. On the finish there is a hint of bourbon and caramel (wonderful observation but I forget which taster mentioned this. Worth knowing that Burgundy barrels are sometimes sold to age scotch whisky).  Medium++ tannin as you would expect for Pommard, medium+ fruit, its savoury, its structured, there is builder's tea, its chewy. Yes folks, this is an unapologetic Pommard which needs another 3 years. Scores 23/30 for a Pommard premier cru.    


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