Chablis 2012, Domaine William Fevre

Has Chablis had its day in the sun? It's no longer viewed as an aspirational wine. When was Chablis last mentioned in a novel? Did Sebastien Flyte enjoy it? That wastrel, blonde beauty and denizen of fine taste? Yes. Was Amory Blaine a Chablis afficionado? I imagine he was. But Christian Grey? This simple Chablis illustrates why it once flew high as an appellation. A nose of lemon, orange pith and green apple. Sea salt. A touch of Champagne wheat. Lovely medium-light body, citrus, characteristic chalk, limestone, minerality, freshness. Absolutely classic and wonderful complexity for a simple village appellation. A perfect Chablis and shows that well-known producers like William Fevre can be the absolute best. Scores 30/30 for a Chablis.  


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