Savigny-lès-Beaune "Les Pimentiers" 2010, Jean Chartron

I am amazed to say that I have tasted at this domaine since January 1993 when an acquaintance was working there. A lad amongst wine-makers. We were invited back to one of the vineyard workers' houses in Puligny and tasted from a barrel of "vin blanc" which seemed to be part of his compensation. His large red nose told the rest of the story. This Savigny white is full of surprises. Marzipan, over-ripe apricots, butter, vanilla, sweet on the nose. A touch of candied pineapple. Flabby, a touch sour, more apples than apricots on the palate. Seems prematurely aged since it is short and lacking in vim. A pleasant wine but imperfect. Scores 20/30 for a Savigny blanc.  


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