Viré-Clessé 2013, Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon

I am amazed to find this is the first tasting note I have written for Burgoblog for an appellation contrôlée Viré-Clessé. I imagine much of the wine is consumed in France because there are 390 hectares of vineyards in the appellation which is only 5 fewer than Meursault but there is little to find in restaurants and wine merchants in London or New York. A fine, transparent, silvery hay colour the bouquet is all white flowers and a hint of white peach. It's a gentle nose, sophisticated and meek. More promise on the palate with attractive clementine and bright apricot fruit flavours. Rounded, balanced and a good matière on the finish. A quality wine from this relatively unknown appellation. Scores 25/30 for a Viré-Clessé.


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