Macon-Milly-Lamartine 2013, Les Heritiers du Comte Lafon

A very pale colour had me worried but this is an absolutely delicious wine procured from one of Manhattan's best wine merchants, Flatiron Wines. The nose is perfumed, apricot blossom (I imagine), or warm ripe apricot skin, white peach and simmered oranges. If you can imagine sniffing Marilyn Monroe's navel I honestly believe this is the lovely bouquet you would have found hidden in that delicate spot. No hint of oak. More citrus and apple on the palate, uplifting acidity, good length and excellent balance. A stunningly good wine, I recommend all Burgoblog readers buy a case! Trust me. And the quality/price ratio is also good. Thank you Dominique Lafon. Scores 29/30 for a Macon Villages blanc. Here is the tasting note for the 2011 vintage which I tried at the domaine -- something of a speed tasting in cool conditions but the sheer quality still showed through.


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