Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru "Aux Cras" 1999, Domaine Bruno Clavelier

This domaine doesn't have a high profile compared to others based in Vosne-Romanee but boy are the wines good! When we tasted at Domaine Bruno Clavelier three years ago the expression of terroir achieved by the domaine's wines was second to none. We were happy get our hands on some older vintages. This NSG 1999, another generous corkage bottle provided by partner in tasting Ammar Al Gevrey, proved an ideal companion for our steak dinner. "Aux Cras" is a premier cru lieu dit closer to the village of Vosne than it is to Nuits. But in the meaty 1999 vintage it combines the glorious ripe, swanky fruit of Vosne with the structure and earthiness of a Nuits. The bouquet was masculine: plums, dates, rack of lamb... possibly a hint of wild boar breath. Ripe tannins, plenty of dark stone fruit (plums, black cherries) and a powerful structure on the palate which went head to head with my rare-medium cube of rump steak at Hawksmoor. Perfection for a gourmand. Scores 27/30 for a NSG 1er Cru.   


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