Meursault "Cuvee Tete de Murger" 2007, Patrick Javillier

I am no stranger to the wines of Domaine Patrick Javillier, indeed every year I drop into the wonderful tasting cellar in Meursault. So I was delighted to try this special Meursault cuvee - a unique blend of Meursault Casse-Tetes and Meursault Les Murgers de Monthelie -- donated by Ammar Al Gevrey to a dinner at Hawksmoor. A thrilling floral nose of white hawthorn blossom, giant daisies and lilac evolves into marzipan, butter and icing sugar. Still fresh on the palate which melds white peach with ripe yellow-fleshed apple. Good length and a mouth-filling density. Utterly delicious and a perfect companion to scallops cooked in white port served on the half shell. Scores 28/30 for a Meursault A/C.      


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