Auxey-Duresses 2010, Domaine Bzikot

I remember during the annual Burgundy tasting trip in 2013 my friend Jenson Buttonhurst appeared at my house in Puligny at 9am looking pleased as punch. It transpired that en route from his hotel on the village green he had snuck into Domaine Bzikot for a pre-9am tasting. Call it dedication to the cause from Jenson. And what admirable hospitality from M Bzikot whose family emigrated to Puligny in the early twentieth century from Poland. The domaine's wines also fall into the "friendly" category. This Auxey has a pleasing nose of plum and cherry, singing the story of the riper 2010 vintage. Whilst I doubt this was aged in new oak there is a significant toast note on the nose. Lively, tangy, yet ripe berry fruit on the palate with a good sour-savoury kick on the finish. This is a cheeky chappy of a wine. Well made but not something for a collector of labels. Scores 20/30 for an Auxey and will evolve well for another 2 years.   


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