Volnay 2010, R Dubois & Fils

I am constantly amazed that after 21 years of serious Burgundy tasting I can still find producers whose wines I have (probably) never tried before who nevertheless have an expansive portfolio. And this is the case with Domaine Dubois based just outside Nuits-Saint-Georges. This Volnay is a transparent medium to light red colour. Nose dominated by oak aromas, cranberry and loganberry. Some good spices in there, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander seeds and a touch of nutmeg. After 15 minutes smells like crushed cherry stones. Its a lean nose in what was a ripe year. Tangy raspberry, blood orange, lots of blood orange, aniseed. Very bright: prunus cerasus not prunus avium. This could be interesting in the future but there doesn't seem to be much substance to it. Compared with the top Volnay producers this is significantly lacking in finesse and richesse. Scores 19/30 for a Volnay.   


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