Bourgogne Blanc 2009, Bruno Colin

People who work in financial markets seek alpha, wine-tasters seek declassified white Burgundy sold at appetizingly low prices in the guise of Bourgogne Blanc. This bouteille from Bruno Colin (part of the Colin clan in Chassagne) goes some way to meeting my wish but not close to the Oligocene from Javillier. This is a well-evolved bourgogne blanc, it has that clarity and freshness of pear juice that I find most often in Saint-Aubin, still on the fruit on the nose and no hint of complexity due to the ripeness of the vintage (which idiots still think 2009 is a majestic white burgundy vintage?). Very pleasant to drink, no edges, full, gouleyant, an apple and pear lozenge on the finish. A hint of marzipan on the final nose and a touch of hay which made me think of the wonderful white horse ridden by Bruno. Enjoyable for sure and good value. Scores 22/30 for a bourgogne blanc. btw look at the dock on that animal!


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