Auxey-Duresses 2007, Henri Darnat

When I last tasted this wine in August 2010 I noted that it was 'more Socrates than Rabelais'. But now, the cheeky side of this wine is coming to the fore although not with a Gargantuan structure. Lovely mature white Burgundy nose of truffle, buttered leeks, warm hay and almonds. Very fine, fancy even. This Auxey-Duresses, once linear and tight, has really filled out on the palate. Savoury, nutty and succulent. Flavours stroke and linger on the cheeks. This is wonderful old school Burgundy which many would enjoy but few would truely understand. Scores 27/30 for an Auxey-Duresses. Drinking now for another 2 years and I am glad I still have a small stock left! As I taste deeper into the bottle this merits 29/30. Stunning.   


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