Oregon "Love Oregon" Pinot Noir 2010, R Stuart & Co

As I learn the ropes of wine-buying in the US I am putting to one side my preference for classic labels and terroir-only appellations. Here is the evidence a bottle of  "Love, Oregon" 2010 pinot noir. "Pathetic" as the sage of Walden Tom Cobbold would say. This pinot noir from R Stuart & Co in Oregon has a plesant nose of blueberry, cooked rhubarb and strawberry. There is faint background plum. A pleasant bouquet. Ignoring the slight fizz in the glass this wine has good linearity, freshness and raspberry fruit. The structure is dainty. Simple and not too fruity. Dare I say that this is a pinot noir aperitif? Scores 20/30 for an Oregon pinot noir. 


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