Chassagne-Montrachet 2008, Bachelet-Ramonet

In recent years 2008 has emerged as one of the superior vintages for chardonnay from the Côte d'Or. It has a lovely combination of freshness, ripe stone fruit flavours and an edge of complexity. This Chassagne 2008 from Domaine Bachelet-Ramonet tries to squeeze too much out of this attractive millésime, I asssume due to yields being slightly higher than would be preferred for top quality. The nose of orange and asparagus with a touch of almond is strangely quiet, like a muted violin. Not something one expects on a wine with 5 years. Pleasant orange and apple fruit on the palate with good initial impact but no length to speak of. Not a stylish wine and underperforms for the 2008 vintage. Unexciting. Inexpensive though compared to the top 20 Chassagne producers. Scores 19-21/30 for a Chassagne.


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