Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru 2008, Domaine Arlaud

The Bourgoblog team visited the hidden gem of north west London's restaurant scene, L'Aventure, as part of a bottle distribution evening. Whilst the restaurant's wine list is not large it does burst with gems of wines. This Charmes-Chambertin 2008 from the Domaine Arlaud turned out to be such a fine specimen that we ordered a second cheese course as an excuse for a second bottle. Why is this wine spectacular? It has an incredible, enthralling multi-layered nose that is tempting and beguiling. There is perfume, vanilla, pomegranate, rye bread, bramble and raspberry. This is a pinot nose which is philosophical and deep. Offers so much now, and promises even more in the future. This 2008 grand cru is velvety, lively, fresh and concentrated on the palate. It is obviously a grand cru wine with thoroughbred breeding. This Charmes-Chambertin evolved over two hours and retained its character in full. Perfect pinot, as one of the tasters said. Scores 26-28/30 for a Gevrey grand cru.


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