Saint-Véran 2011, Thibert Père & Fils

By the standards of the Côte d'Or (against which all vineyards must be measured) the Saint-Véran appellation is a giant sea of vines: 645 hectares. This compares with just 394 hectares for Meursault. The maximum permissible yield in Saint-Véran is 55 hectoliters per hectare versus 45 hectoliters for white wine on the Côte d'Or. What do all these numbers add up to? Vineyard exposition and yield management have a huge impact on quality in Saint-Véran. This 2011 from Domaine Thibert is cool and lacking in kick on the nose, slight hints of cucumber and lemon. This is partly due to its youth. Good texture, lively citrus and pear fruit on the palate. Narrow yet with length. This could evolve into something interesting with more weight. Requires at least 2 years to open up. Scores 19-23 / 30 for a Saint-Véran.


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