Pouilly-Fuissé 2006, Château de Fuissé

Rumour has it that some of the top Pouilly-Fuissé vineyards will receive premier cru status in 2014. I have no doubt that the Château de Fuissé will feature in this new jet set of the Maconnais. This 2006 is surprisingly youthful with a brilliant green-gold colour which seems to be a feature of chardonnays from the Maconnais. Melon, ripe apple, white asparagus, cucumber, vanilla and white honey on the nose. The aromas are pungent, consistent and typical of the appellation -- a combination of ripe Mediterranean fruit, a touch of citrus and underlying sweet-flavoured green and white vegetables. None of the calcaire aromas one finds on Côte d' Or wines and just a hint of lemon. This is a full-bodied wine which does not hold back as it blasts out ripe melon and apricot fruit flavours with a typical bees wax and orange rind characteristic. This is a classic for the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation and is still impressively fresh seven years after the harvest. But to my palate, not an exciting wine. Scores 24/30 for a Pouilly-Fuissé. Photo shows some chardonnay grapes in August 2011.


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