Nuits St Georges 1er Cru "Clos des Porrets St Georges" 1999, Henri Gouges

This Nuits St Georges has a stunning dark purple, opaque robe. The first nose is cherry but it is backwards and not giving much. Despite having been opened several hours before the tasting the nose failed to impress. Ater much swirling and sniffing this NSG '99 from the high profile Domaine Henri Gouges offers aubergine, meat and thyme. Fails to progress beyond that register. There is aubergine, plum and tannin. Not much acidity and a flat impression where one looks for undulating hills. Scores 22/30 for a NSG premier cru. The question is whether this wine needs more time or if it has gone over the hill. I think the latter. The fruit-tannin-acidity balance isn't there.      


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