Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru "Les Chaillots" 2010, Michel Gros

This premier cru Nuits Saint Georges blew me away when I tasted it at the domaine in early July. Despite tasting in the challenging conditions of cellar darkness, humidity and bad company this NSG Chaillots premier cru lit up the cellar with its personality. Aged for 18 months, one-third in new oak barrels, this pinot has a sweetish nose of strawberry and vanilla. There is a pleasant flavour of ripe berries on the initial impact and the wine is then round, generous with lovely fruit which spreads out like a river flowing across an alluvial plain. This NSG tingles the tonsils with its freshness and sapidité. And of course, the tannins are present and correct. Photo shows a tower at the Château de Coraboeuf... what Nuits Saint Georges wines have been drunk in this ancient place? Scores 23-25/30 for a NSG 1er Cru.


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