Monthélie 2011, Domaine Matrot

Tasted at the domaine which is expanding its portfolio of pinots, this Monthélie is produced from vines with an average age of 45 years and partly as a result, as well as through good wine-making, this pinot escapes the clutches of rusticity which so often marks the reds from Monthélie. Inital nose of morello cherry, raspberry and wild strawberry (which grow in abundance in the hills above the Côte). There is ripe rhubarb, orange. This wine has focus and direction: un vin digeste. Good length, fine fruit, verging on elegance with a good fin de bouche of red cherry. An impressive wine from humble origins which scores 26/30 for a Monthélie. Photo shows Monthélie vineyards looking towards Auxey-Duresses in August 2010.


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