Meursault "Clos du Domaine" 2007, Henri Darnat

Back in July 2009 I tasted at the Domaine Henri Darnat and found the 2007s very bright, verging on sharp, which reflected the wine-maker's philosophy. Hoping the wines would soften with some ageing I left them at the back of the cellar until now. This Meursault 2007 from Henri Darnat has a light hay colour. There is white honey, lemon blossom, the nose has a soft fragrance, definitely feminine. Evolves onto celery, white watermelon flesh (near the rind), nashi pear and white asparagus. This is a linear, fresh, direct Meursault with an apple compote flavour and zing at the end. Potentially 2007 was not the best year to buy from a vigneron who prefers a mineral and zesty style. Doubles down on the freshness. Not very typical for a Meursault. Scores 20/30 for a Meursault.  


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