Savigny-lès-Beaune 2006, Pierre Guillemot

In few vineyard regions of the world can there be so many wine producers packed into such a small territory. No surprise with the average family-owned domaine holding just 10-15 hectares of vines. So here is another producer I had previously never heard of. Founded in 1946, the Domaine Pierre Guillemot is based in the lovely village of Savigny, nestled up a contributory valley to the Saône. Tasted with guinea fowl cooked with fennel and green olives, this Savigny 2006 turned out to be a well-chosen companion to the bird. A medium red ruby colour, charming soft note of wild strawberry and rhubarb, fragrant and discrete. Shows the best side of the sometimes mute '06 vintage. Medium to light berry fruit texture, good pinot characteristics, simple. Score 21 / 30 for a Savigny.


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