Montrachet Grand Cru 1998, Jacques Prieur (tasting note 1,000!)

Tasted at the celebration of the birth of Dan's daughter Imogen this wonderful event happily coincided with the 1,000th tasting note on Burgoblog. We opened this bottle and decanted it 1 hour before tasting... not after a lot of debate about whether decanting was required. Citrus nose was there immediately but started fairly soft. Meyer lemon, lemon thyme, mint, basil, a hint of pineapple, multiple layers, marzipan. Fragrant as well as fruity with ionone style aromas such as hyacinth and rose. Definitely made in a feminine style in a vintage which could have had more power. Retains excellent fresh citrus and pear fruit on the palate, concentrated without being overpowering, complex, broad, fine with a long lingering finish. This is a fine and elegant Montrachet which contrasts with some of the 'power and glory' styles. Misses a little bit of 'luxe' but overall a splendid grand cru worthy of the great appellation. Scores 27 / 30 for a Montrachet. Photo shows the bottle with the generous and mysterious donor concealed behind the glass.      


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