Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune "Les Perrières" 2003, Domaine d'Ardhuy

My expectations for this 2003 chardonnay from the Hautes-Côtes were low. A super-warm year like 2003 was unlikely to produce long-lived wines due to the absence of acidity. Bright, shiny brass colour showing its maturity. Dried mushrooms (trompette), dried lemon peel, vanilla, sweat-of-a-lady. Weighty, dried orange, sour marzipan, spreads out on the palate and then leaves a bizarre chewy tannin-like finish. Fascinating richness and bitterness. A sour and heavy finish with long-lingering flavours and a stinging feeling in the windpipe. This is a weird wine and is unscorable, imagine eating a Still Life painting (I confess this was opened to make osso bucco....).  


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