Willamette Valley "Prelude" 2010, Andrew Rich

Cherry colour, almost transparent. Raspberry, blueberry, ripe cherries, cooked strawberries, cassis, lovely sweet fruit aromas, reminiscent of 2010 Burgundy! This Willamette Valley 2010 is bursting with glorious, ripe berry and cherry fruit aromas. Indulgent, appealing, a late summer cherry orchard. Sweet spcies of cinnamon and vanilla. Beautifully framed. Rich cherry fruit laced with an enlivening edge of acidity. Great ripe tannins on the finish and tangerine. This is a fantastically structured wine and rams home the point that Willamette is superior to Napa and Sonoma pinots. Comes in at 13.5% alcohol which is the top end of acceptable before the alcohol dominates the fragrance of the pinot. Scores 24 / 30 for a Willamette Valley.  


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