Willamette Valley 2010, Ransom

By contrast with Burgundy, the pinots from Oregon represent a much broader range of wine-making style as the producers try out new approaches. This pinot is definitely in the "Burgundy imitator" category and succeeds fairly well. Notching up just 12.5% alcohol this Willamette Valley 2010 from the Ransom domaine, is a sombre cherry colour, opaque in the centre. Splendid aromas of plum, blackberry, roasted aubergine, sweet aniseed, bay leaf. Definitely on the black fruit palette. A full plum and cherry flavour, rounded, savoury initially and then sweetens up. There are evident tannins on the finish. More richness than elegance, very satisfying also good value. Scores 24/30 for a Willamette Valley. Much better than any equivalent you could hope to find in California.


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