Nuits-Saint-Georges 2011, Henri Gouges

The Domaine Henri Gouges was one of the fore-runners of the estate-bottled trend and so we should all thank the original Henri Gouges who started selling his own wine in 1933. The domaine has an excellent range of 14.5 hectares all in Nuits-Saint-Georges aside from some Bourgogne rouge. How has this Nuits-Saint-Georges fared in the slightly tricky 2011 vintage? Not so well from what I can tell. This Nuits-Saint-Georges 2011, tasted at the annual Burgundy tasting hosted by Justerini & Brooks, starts on a matchbox aroma (cardboard, sulphur), its volatile and there is geranium. Flavours of tart cherries, its sharp and bright with an angular tannic finish. One can always forgive young wines for being awkward but I tend to find that if there is little fruit when they are born they do not become more fruity in adolescence. Scores 18-20/30 for a Nuits-Saint-Georges.    


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